Convocation 2016!!!
Welcome to the live stream of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands' Convocation 2016.
Theme: Discipleship: Discipline and Dedication!
Date: 17 April 2016

By hitting the link below, you will be able to join our members who will gather at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.


It is with immense pleasure and privilege that we welcome you to the United Church’s website. Through this medium we intend to introduce you to the workings of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, inspire you with messages of hope and courage in the midst of life’s challenges and to interact with you on matters of mutual interest, aimed at making the world in which we live a better, lovelier place for all. The world is saturated with news of a sensational nature, which results in the sapping of our energies and the dampening of the spirits of the weak and vulnerable. We believe that Christ came with the Good News, an alternative to the pervading hopelessness of the time, intended to stimulate and motivate everyone to rise above the daunting circumstances of life and to quicken our resolve for creative and life-transforming engagement with the world around us. The World Wide Web has served as a very effective vehicle of communication over the past few years and is one of the most popular and convenient means of communication. The United Church is pleased to join the many others who use this medium as a means to communicate Good News and to offer perspectives on current issues that encourage independent, analytical and critical reflections. We believe that there are far more people of independent mind and with the capacity for critical reflection than are in fact contributing to the shaping of thought. In welcoming you to our site, we invite you to join us in the conversation; share with us your views on current topical issues; challenge our perspective by offering an alternative position or opinion; tell us your story of victories overcome; and raise with us questions that help to push the boundaries and keep us on the cutting edge of an ever changing world.