The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, like many other churches, has played a great part in nation building through the education system in both countries. We have contributed considerably through the following schools both owned and leased, they are as follows:

Cayman Islands

Primary Level:

  1. Cayman Preparatory


Secondary Level:

  1. Cayman High


Primary Level:

  1. Accompong Primary and Junior High
  2. Albion Primary
  3. Alligator Pond Primary and Infant
  4. Bailleston Primary
  5. Blauwearie Primary
  6. Brainerd Primary
  7. Brompton Primary
  8. Brownsville Primary and Infant
  9. Bryce Primary
  10. Cacoon Primary and Infant
  11. Carron Hall Primary and Infant
  12. Cedar Valley Primary and Infant
  13. Collington Primary
  14. Derry Primary
  15. Discovery Bay Preparatory
  16. Ebenezer Primary
  17. First Hill Primary
  18. Friendship Primary
  19. Galina Primary
  20. Giddy Hall Primary
  21. Glen Stewart Primary
  22. Goodwill Primary and Infant
  23. Goshen Primary
  24. Grove Town Primary
  25. Hampden Primary and Infant
  26. Hampstead Primary
  27. Iona Preparatory
  28. Jeffrey Town Primary
  29. Knox Junior School
  30. Meadowbrook Preparatory
  31. Medina Primary
  32. Mel Nathan Preparatory
  33. Mona Preparatory
  34. Mount Carmel Primary
  35. Mount Hermon Primary
  36. Mount Liberty Primary
  37. Mount Olivet Primary
  38. Mount Zion Primary and Infant
  39. New Broughton Primary
  40. New Green Primary and Junior High
  41. North Street Primary
  42. Pear Tree Grove Primary
  43. Pell River Primary
  44. Pike Primary and Infant
  45. Pleasant Valley Primary and Infant
  46. Plowden Primary
  47. Pondside Primary
  48. Richmond Primary and Infant
  49. Robins Hall Primary
  50. Rose Hill Primary
  51. Seafield Primary and Infant
  52. St. Andrew Preparatory
  53. Water Valley Primary


Secondary Level:

  1. Camperdown High
  2. Carron Hall High
  3. Clarendon College
  4. Iona High
  5. Knox College High
  6. Knox Community College
  7. Meadowbrook High
  8. Oberlin High
  9. St. Andrew High
  10. Westwood High School


Tertiary Level:

  1. International University of the Caribbean
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